Condoms: Are they the best option for you?

The different condoms come in different size, colors and flavors. The tip of the condom often varies. Some have reservoir like tips to hold the semen whereas some have projections made of rubber which will stimulate the vaginal area. Condoms can be colorless or brightly colored. The usage of the condom is similar in most cases. Before the start of the intercourse, the condom is worn over the penis in its erect state. This provides protection from the sperm which would have other made its way inside the vagina, thus impregnating the woman. Hence to prevent unwanted pregnancy, the condom is worn by the man.

The effectiveness of condoms in preventing pregnancy extends up to 90%. It all depends on the kind of condom you are using and how you are going about your activities. Sometimes accidental spilling over of the semen may occur due to the tearing away of the condom or simply slipping away of it from the penis.

Sometimes the sperm gets leaked owing to the formation of holes in the condom. After the completion of sex, when the penis is being withdrawn from the vagina, even the best condoms can roll off from the penis and spill the sperm inside the vagina.

The number of times that a condom has slipped off or been found defective varies from country to country. Periodic checking of the condom for defects often brings forward these things. The defects found in the both imported as well as local condoms have decreased over the years.

The strength as well as quality of the condom undergoes checks conducted by the FDA. During the check, the condom is completely filled with water. Any leak or unnatural bulging of the condom is checked for during the tests for different types of condoms.

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